Welcome to the official art of Frances Bean Cobain.

Verified Works of Art and Commissions

SCUMFUCK Kitchen Sink Show - 2010 

Dark Dark Science: Mixtape - Black - 2012

Theater is Evil: The Secrets We Hid in The Night (Portrait of Amanda) - 2012 

Personal Commissions - (2010-Present)

Webster - 2016

Poppyseed - 2016

Life is Beautiful Festival - 2016 

About the prints.

  • All Art Prints are on archival fine art papers using archival pigmented inks. 
  • Papers used for each print are noted in the product descriptions. 
  • Art Prints are unsigned, unless otherwise noted. 
  • All Art Prints come with a special embossed Certificate of Authenticity. 
  • Prints are produced by POVevolving Fine Art Printing Studio and shipped by Church of Merch
  • For all inquiries, please visit the Customer Service page.